1. We are not conscious of soul winning opportunities and we don’t take advantage of those we have. 

2. We assume public preaching will accomplish the task. 

  • Research shows that “Friendship Evangelism” converts over 80% of the people.

3. We have left the task of “seeking the lost” to the preacher and the elders, it’s their job 

4. We are not convinced that those not following God’s specific plan are really lost. 

5. We are to busy seeking our own materialism desires and personal comfort. 

6.   We have convinced ourselves that personal evangelism is a program, therefore, it is something I am not good at doing. 

7.  We don’t have the “joy” in our hearts that brings us to others about salvation 

8. We are not committed to soul winning because, if others won’t listen, it is not my fault. 

  • Research shows that 80% of Bible studies are conducted after asking more than 5 times.

9. Evangelism is not taught in our Bible classes and in our homes to our children as it should be. 

10. We do not have sufficient knowledge of the Bible and confidence in ourselves to overcome our own fears. 


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