Is attending Bible class on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening important? Is it just an old tradition that is hanging on? Some, it seems, don’t think that Bible study is important and they choose not to attend.

Years ago, we used to hear the expression, “As goes the Bible School, so goes the church”. Most strong and growing congregations have active, well-planned Bible School programs. Having Bible classes on Sundays and Wednesdays is an effective method of accomplishing a number of things the Bible tells us to do.


Obviously, every congregation should constantly seek to improve its Bible School program. Here at Lay Lake, we have many good things happening. However, improvements can and should continue to be made. We are dedicating ourselves to providing an excellent program of Bible study. Our teachers put in several hours preparing for their classes. Sadly, some are simply not taking advantage of a good thing.


I insist that, while the Bible School can always be improved, the method of studying the Bible in classes is a good thing. When one enrolls in a class, faithfully attends, prepares beforehand for class; actively participates, and puts into practice the things covered, should we not expect that good things will come as a result?


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