Too much of our writing, preaching, and visiting is directed to the weak and unfaithful. We want to reverse that order here. This article is not addressed to you who have to be begged, petted, and pampered before you will attend the services of the church, and still are absent as often as you are present.  This is not for those who only give the church their excuses, and grumble, complain, that category can stop now, for this is not written for you.  This is written for the faithful. 

The vocabulary is not large enough to tell you wonderful people how much you are appreciated.  It does not matter how many meetings the elders call in a week, you will be present.   Neither the weather nor company of any kind is able to keep you from your responsibilities.   Whatever attractions or distractions the world may offer, you will not forsake the Lord or His people. You make whatever sacrifices are necessary.  You always support fully every program submitted by the elders and deacons.  You will accept an assignment, when you do it is a forgone conclusion that you will successfully complete it. 

You do not flirt with sin and see how worldly you can become without completely apostatizing. You are appreciated even more because you demand no special attention or praise or recognition for your service, and you do not consider regular and faithful attendance of each class or worship period in services to God as a grievous burden or a great feat of valor.  You are a good example to the youngest member and an inspiration to all.  You make the work of a preacher  or Bible class teacher much lighter.  Thank you for being what the Bible describes as a simple New Testament Christian!  We love you!

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