The Lord’s Day
                                                     Aurice Mick
The greatest day in all the week to a child of God should be the Lord’s day. This is the day “the Lord hath made.” It is the day the Lord planned for his followers to worship Him. We do not read anything in the Bible that would indicate that wants only a part of this day. We do have every reason to believe that He expects us to use all of it in service to Him. Where anyone got the idea that he could use only an hour or two of this day and please the Lord I do not know. I do know that some other-wise good people have this idea and the Lord gets very little of this day He said was His.

Why, for instance, would people refuse to worship Sunday night? Is this not part of the Lord's day? Do we not love the Lord as much on Sunday night as we do Sunday morning? Is this service not as important as the morning service? As good as our attendance is, compared to others, there are still many people who never come to worship God except during the morning hour. Yet the Bible says for us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together (Hebrews 10:24-31). This would include any assembly.

Can a teacher of God’s word be a proper example and refuse to attend Sunday night? Teaching is done by the way we live as much as by what we say. Surely no one could get the idea that the day is very important to one who used only a minor portion of it in serving the Lord. If every pupil followed the example of his teachers would we have services at all on Sunday night? Can one who is supposed to be a leader, an elder or deacon, set a proper example and refuse to be present Sunday night? What kind of leadership would we call that?

Inasmuch as those who are selected to direct the affairs of the church are supposed to be examples, if one followed the example of those selected would he be present for all services? Can a parent afford to be absent Sunday night? It is no wonder that children sometimes grow up to have little respect for the church when they have seen so little of it in the lives of those charged with the responsibility of bringing them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Fathers do not always feel their responsibility in the matter of training their children, but if you have noticed the Bible always addresses the fathers when instruction is given in this matter. How can a father expect his child to be loyal when he is only partially loyal himself?

Can we afford to say to the world that this service is not important? Surely that is what we say when we prefer association with those who are not members of the church to attending services and inviting them to go with us. What other example are we setting when our neighbors know we prefer staying home Sunday night to worshiping God? When people are not converted to Christ we are prone to blame those who are leading the church, perhaps the preacher, when in reality there is not enough teaching anyone can do to overcome the bad example we set before those we would convert to Christ. When enough of the Lord’s people realize that serving the Lord is really important, the world will take notice and follow.

Do you suppose an article like this ever helps anyone? We always hope it will but we write realizing those who need to consider these things most are not people who read these articles. But, we keep trying.

Editor’s Note: Jesus said that we are to put the church (kingdom) first (Matthew 6:33). Nothing is more important than the Lord’s Day! We should plan to arrive early and stay late! Why? Because it is the Lord’s Day! We are assembling to worship and enjoy fellowship with our Christian family. How many members of your Christian family are you taking time to speak to and spend time with on the Lord’s Day? Don’t make plans that cause us to rush away after services or that cause us to rush in at the last minute on Sunday afternoon. We should love to be at Lay Lake with our Christian family every possible opportunity. Do you know, really know each member of your Christian family? Why not?   

                                           Happy Holidays To All!



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