How Could Baptism Not Be Essential?
If Jesus was baptized to fulfill all righteousness….Matthew 3:15
If Jesus said that people who want to be saved must believe and be baptized….Mark 16:16
If baptism is for the remission of sins….Acts 2:38
If baptism washes away sins….Acts 22:16
If upon baptism a person . . .
     ➭ is added by the Lord to the church....Acts 2:47
     ➭ walks in newness of life….Romans 6:4 
     ➭ rises up in the likeness of Christ’s resurrection….Romans 6:6 
     ➭ is united with Christ….Romans 6:5 
     ➭ crucifies the old self….Romans 6:6 
     ➭ does away with the body of sin….Romans 6:6 
     ➭ no longer is a slave to sin….Romans 6:6     
     ➭ is freed from sin….Romans 6:7 
     ➭ lives with Christ….Romans 6:8 
If through baptism a person becomes a child of God….Galatians 3:26
If in baptism a person puts on Christ….Galatians 3:27
If baptism saves….1 Peter 3:21
How Then Could Baptism Not Be Essential To Salvation?



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