The other day I overheard someone talking about how they love to buy things online. They even observed that as soon as drone delivery is perfected, they won’t have to interact with the UPS person.

Have you noticed that our society is becoming more and more isolated from each other? You no longer have to go to the department stores; just order what you want online. With self-checkout lanes, you don’t even have to talk to the clerk at the grocery store. From drive-through windows to internet shopping, it’s supposed to make our lives easier; but it’s also taking away our interaction with each other.

Unfortunately, many of us apply this same attitude to the church. We slip in, talking to as few people as possible. We find a pew that will allow for a quick getaway, and as soon as the last prayer is over, we make our dash to the car.

I heard a quote which captures this attitude:

To live above with those we know,

Now that will be grace and glory;

To live below with those we know –

Now that’s a different story!

One of the greatest commands we are given is to love one another. How can we do that if we refuse to interact with each other? How can our good works be a light to the world if we refuse to let the world see them?  One  purpose for gathering together in worship is to encourage each other, but how can we do that without talking to, or interacting with, one another?

Let’s make every effort to love one another and let our lives be a light to those we meet!

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