Racism: The belief that another human being is inferior because of their ethnicity.

Racism’s scourge on humanity has no place in the Christian’s heart. Unfortunately, the fact remains that any person can be influenced by his fellows more than by God’s word. It only takes a casual review of brotherhood journals from a few decades ago to find blatant racism within Christ’s church.

Racism robs others of their rights as creatures created in the image of God. It covets and steals a future hope in a brutal quest for power and supremacy. Racism begins with reviling others and frequently blossoms into murder, mayhem, and destruction.

However, the root of racism is a deeper problem: human cruelty. Like Satan himself, humans can be experts in inflicting cruelty on our fellows. There is not a nation, or tribe, or community that has not possessed within its borders those who are cruel…whatever the motive or manifestation.

The answer to human cruelty is not more human cruelty. The only answer is to be washed by blood of Christ (the willing victim of the greatest cruelty ever…for our sakes),  be sanctified though the teaching of the Holy Spirit in his word, and to beat our swords into plowshares.

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