It is true that God given human beings free moral agency. In other words, we have the ability to choose.  God, however, wants our choices to be wise, good, spiritual, and in harmony with His Word.

Sadly, many members of the church do not choose wisely when it comes to spiritual things.  They have developed a “take it or leave it” mentality.  Unfortunately, most of the time they “leave it” rather than “take it.”

-  Sunday morning Bible class?   Leave it.

-  Sunday PM worship service?   Leave it.

-  Wednesday night Bible study?   Leave it.

-  Singing Night?   Leave it.

-  Work day?   Leave it.

-  Monday and Tuesday night of a gospel meeting?   Leave it.

-  Works of the church?   Leave it.

-  Special classes?   Leave it.

-  Visitation?   Leave it.

-  Leadership positions?   Leave it.

-  Helping with special events?   Leave it.

Sadly, there are some who do not want to take very much.  They just want to leave a lot behind.

I am glad Jesus didn’t consider the cross of Calvary a “take it or leave it” activity.  I am glad the Holy Spirit did not think the revelation of truth was a “take it or leave it” work.  I am thankful the apostles did not believe the fulfillment of the Great Commission was a “take it or leave it” mission.

What contributes to a “take it or leave it” mentality?

-  A selfish heart

-  A worldly heart

-  A sinful heart

-  An ignorant heart

-  A lazy heart

-  A too busy heart

-  An undeveloped heart

-  An unthankful heart

-  An unconcerned heart

-  A blinded heart

-  A short-sighted heart

When we have choices to make, a question that we need to ask ourselves is this: “What choice would the Lord make in this situation?”   The question can also be asked like this: “Would the Lord take it?  Or, leave it?” 

We MUST make the same choice our Lord would make. We will NEVER go wrong if we do.

I guess, with regard to this article, you can either “take it or leave it.”

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